• Tutorial Submission: May 31th, 2021 June 14th, 2021 June 28th, 2021 July 09, 2021 (Firm Deadline)
  • Notification of Acceptance: July 19th, 2021
  • Paper for Proceedings: July 26th, 2021


SBBD 2021 invites submissions of tutorial proposals. Each tutorial will be presented in a 3 hours session. We will consider proposals for introductory and advanced tutorials on any topic within the area of databases. Introductory tutorials should target an audience consisting of advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as attendees from the industry. Hence, they can be thought of as “recycling” courses though they should not be about traditional “textbook” topics. Advanced tutorials, on the other hand, must cover a topic’s state-of-the-art, motivating, and exposing potential research issues.


Proposals must be of no more than 5 pages, using Times New Roman, 12 pt font, and must include the following items (in this order):

  • Tutorial title, authors’ name, affiliations, e-mails, and URL of the respective home pages (if available)
  • If the proposed tutorial has been presented previously, where this tutorial has been presented before and how it will be modified for SBBD 2021
  • Tutorial type (introductory or advanced)
  • The target audience and its assumed background
  • The language in which the tutorial will be presented (English or Portuguese)
  • An abstract (no more than 100 words) stating the tutorial’s main goal
  • Outline of the tutorial (list of topics and a brief description of how these are to be covered)
  • List of (up to 10) related references
  • A brief bio of authors (up to 20 lines/author)
  • The name of whom will present the tutorial, in case of a tutorial proposed by more than one author
  • Audio-visual equipment required (e.g. overhead or multimedia projector)


Submitted proposals can be written in Portuguese or English. Submissions in English are strongly encouraged. Submitted proposals will be reviewed based on originality, relevance, technical soundness and clarity of presentation. Proposals must be emailed as PDF attachments to

Formats other than PDF will not be accepted. The subject of the email must be: “[SBBD2021] Tutorial Submission“. SBBD 2021 reserves the right to refuse all of the submitted tutorial proposals, as well as to include invited tutorial presentations.


Daniel de Oliveira (UFF, Brazil)


For further information please contact Daniel de Oliveira at