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SBBD 2019 is pleased to announce travel grants to partially subsidize travel costs of selected student co-authors of papers accepted for presentation in Fortaleza, Brazil, 7th October – 10th October 2019. The selected students will receive a grant of R$ 500,00. Next, we list the selected students:
1. Everaldo Costa Silva Neto
2. Levy de Souza Silva
3. Veruska Borges Santos
4. Andreza Raquel Monteiro de Queiroz
5. Antonio Willian Sousa
6. Mariana de Oliveira Santos Silva
7. Alexandre Rabello Ordakowski
8. Grennda Guerra
9. José Solenir Lima Figuerêdo
10. João Paulo Clarindo dos Santos
11. Davi José Mendes Maia
12. Hugo Paulino Bonfim Takiuchi

If you or your advisor have questions, contact José Maria Monteiro, SBBD 2019 Local Chair (

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