We invite all researchers in the field of Databases to submit Demonstrations and Applications to the 34th Brazilian Symposium on Databases (SBBD), which will be held in Fortaleza between the 7th and the 10th of October, 2019.The SBBD demonstrations session is a discussion forum for exchanging experiences and presenting innovative solutions among researchers, developers and professionals, both in the academy and industry, who are interested in practical and functional solutions for interesting and socially relevant problems that involve technology in the managing of data and information. The topics of interest are the same as those of the main line of SBBD.


Article submission: June 28, 2019 (NEW DEADLINE: July 12, 2019)
Acceptance notification: August 18, 2019
Final version submission: August 26, 2019


Authors must submit an article of up to 6 pages, including images and references, describing the main features of their demonstrations/applications.
Each article will be analyzed by at least three members of the program committee for originality, practical reach, technical contribution and presentation. Along with the submitted article, the authors are strongly encouraged to provide a link to a demonstration video (screencast) of up to 5 minutes in length, presenting the demonstration/application. This resource will be highly appreciated and considered as a distinctive characteristic of a submission in the review process.
Articles may be written in Portuguese or English and must be formatted according to the SBC template. In addition, the articles must be in PDF format. Formats other than PDF will not be accepted. The link for the demonstration video or the online version of the demonstration must be informed in the footnote on the first page of the article (at first mention). Submissions must be electronic via URL
Final acceptance of the article will depend on the registration in the SBBD of at least one of the authors for the presentation of the work. Accepted articles will be published in the Proceedings of the SBBD 2019 Satellite Events of demonstrations and applications.


Similar to previous editions of the SBBD, demonstration sessions will be held over two periods during the SBBD 2019, as follows:
1st Period: Presentation at the Minute Madness and the Poster Session
2nd Period: Practical demonstrative presentation of the demonstration/application. This presentation must include a poster with the following information:a) Software name;b) Authors’ names and affiliations;c) Financing information for the software construction (if applicable);d) E-mail contact and URL for more information;e) Abstract;f) Main characteristics/functionalities;g) Main references.
The presence of at least one of the authors of the demonstration/application is required to perform the presentation. Authors are encouraged to use their own equipment (notebooks) during the sessions. However, if necessary, appropriate equipment can be requested in advance to the Demos Session coordinating committee.


Agma Traina (Universidade de São Paulo)
Angelo Brayner (Universidade Federal do Ceará)
Caetano Traina Júnior (Universidade de São Paulo)
Carlos Eduardo Santos Pires (Universidade Federal de Campina Grande)
Cristina Ciferri (Universidade de São Paulo)
Damires Souza (Instituto Federal da Paraíba)
Daniel de Oliveira (Universidade Federal Fluminense)
Daniel Kaster (Universidade Estadual de Londrina)
Eduardo Bezerra (CEFET/RJ)
Eduardo Ogasawara (CEFET/RJ)
Elaine Sousa (Universidade de São Paulo)
Fabio Porto (Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica)
Flávio R. C. Sousa (Universidade Federal do Ceará)
Geraldo Xexéo (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)
Humberto Razente (Universidade Federal de Uberlândia)
Jonas Dias (DELL EMC)
José Maria Monteiro (Universidade Federal do Ceará)
José Antonio Macêdo (Universidade Federal do Ceará)
José de Aguiar Moraes Filho (Universidade de Fortaleza)
Jose Rodrigues Jr (Universidade de São Paulo)
Karin Becker (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
Kary Ocaña (Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica)
Leonardo Azevedo (IBM Research Brazil)
Marcela Ribeiro (Universidade Federal de São Carlos)
Marcio Oikawa (Universidade Federal do ABC)
Marcos Bedo (Universidade Federal Fluminense)
Maria Camila Nardini Barioni (Universidade Federal de Uberlândia)
Maristela Holanda (Universidade de Brasília)
Mirella Moro (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)
Renata Galante (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
Ricardo Torres (Universidade Estadual de Campinas)
Rodrigo Monteiro (Universidade Federal Fluminense)
Ronaldo Correia (Universidade Estadual Paulista)
Ronaldo Mello (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
Victor de Almeida (Universidade Federal Fluminense/Petrobras)
Anderson Ferreira (Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto)


Demonstrations and Applications Chair Robson L. F. Cordeiro, ICMC/USP (