Attractions are not lacking in the capital of Ceará. Beginning with the beautiful central coastline formed by the beaches of Iracema, Meireles and Mucuripe, joined by Avenida Beira Mar, a meeting point for tourists and locals at the sunset. 11km from the center, Futuro beach is perfect for a swim with a lot of stewardship – the various tents offer not only typical crab legs and grilled sea bass, but also fresh water showers, chairs, umbrellas and lots of animation.On the outskirts of the city are guarded the dunes and the colorful cliffs that are the face of Ceará. Aboard buggy, they are enjoyed on the beaches of Morro Branco and Fontes, on the East Coast or the Rising Sun. There is also Port das Dunas, the scenery of Beach Park. The West Coast (Sol Poente) has, as highlights, the Cumbuco lagoons and the good winds, which attract windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Metropolis of bustling nightlife, Fortaleza has a ballad all week – Monday, by the way, is considered the most lively on the planet. It is worth checking the programming of the Art and Culture Center Dragão do Mar, with theaters, cinemas, concerts, museums and bars; or simply enjoy the modern architecture of the building. Do not miss the art nouveau façade of the José de Alencar Theater, either during a show or through a guided tour.

When it comes to taste the typical delights of the region, just set the menu and consult the map. If the option is a tasty lobster the address is the beach of Curuípe, where the rafts dock full of seafood. The food from the hinterland, baião and carne de sol, is found in the neighborhoods of Varjota and Aldeota, which also offer restaurants with varied cuisine.

Tapiocas also have a corner for them – it’s in the Messejana neighborhood and it has more than 20 stalls that offer the delicacies with the most varied fillings. Already the craftsmanship is spread all over the city. There are several fairs and markets where the beautiful labyrinth lace works, the most traditional of the state, share space with the sleeping nets, the little bottles with colored sand drawings, the objects in clay and wood …

The capital of Ceará is a welcoming city that offers to its thousands of visitors guaranteed fun and a multitude of tourist attractions. There are many attractions, from the hospitality of its people to the walks along beautiful beaches. Check below tour tips to do in the city.

  1. Futuro beach
    Located 10 km from the center of the capital, Futuro Beach is more than 30 km long and is an oasis in the middle of the city. There are numerous options of beach huts, with a structure of bars and restaurants to welcome visitors.
  2. Mucuripe Beach
    Sung in verse and prose, the Mucuripe is a setting of charm on the edge of Fortaleza that still preserves the tradition of its fishermen.
  3. Fortaleza’s Cathedral
    Inspired by the French cathedral of Notre Dame, the Cathedral of Fortaleza was designed by the French engineer George Mounier and built on the site of the old Sé church.
  4. Central Market
    If you like handicrafts, a visit to the Central Market is a good opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of Ceará. The building was opened in 1809 and underwent several renovations. There are more than 550 stores that offer a huge diversity of products.
  5. Iracema Beach
    The place is one of the symbols of the capital of Ceará and was named in honor of the “Virgin of Honey Lips”, muse of a novel of José de Alencar, the most famous Ceará writer. It is in Praia de Iracema that there are sights like the English Bridge and the embankment. See the video.
  6. Schooner tour
    Embark on a schooner and take a stroll along the shore of Fortaleza is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the city from another angle. The boats depart daily from the Mucuripe beach.
  7. Dragão do Mar
    The Dragão do Mar is a cultural center with permanent shows. Cafes, theater, exhibitions and planetarium are also part of the scenery. The name comes from a tribute to the Francisco José do Nascimento jangadeiro, engaged in the struggle for the liberation of the slaves. It is located at Dragão do Mar street, 81, on Iracema beach. Go there during the day to enjoy all cultural options. At night, visit the bars and restaurants, which occupy restored sheds around Dragão.
  8. Feirinha de Artesanato da Beira-Mar
    Known for the great diversity of typical products, the famous handicraft fair of Beira Mar is one of Fortaleza’s tourist attractions. There are hundreds of tents that are concentrated on the boardwalk, on the corner of Desembargador Moreira Avenue, on Meireles beach. It works every day, from 17h. Not to miss.
  9. Beach Park
    Beach Park, the largest water park in Latin America, is guaranteed fun for the whole family. The tourist complex is about 15 minutes from the center of the city, on the beach of Porto da Dunas, and is one of the places most sought after by tourists. In addition to the water park, there are restaurants and shack on the edge of the beach.
  10. José de Alencar Theater
    The centenary theater is one of the greatest architectural symbols of Fortaleza and is in the central region, in front of the square that also bears the name of the writer from Ceará. The most exuberant example of the iron architecture in Brazil, Theatro José de Alencar offers guided tours, from hourly, from 8am. The admission costs R $ 2 and R $ 4. It is a program for all ages and a course differentiated by the 1910 building: the foyer, the basement and gardens of Burle Marx. For more information, call: (85) 3101.2567 / 3101.2583.
  11. Try the caraguejo
    You do not have to visit Fortaleza and not taste the famous crab. You will find the crustacean in bars, restaurants and in all the tents of Futuro beach, along Zezé Diogo Avenue. Over there, every Thursday night tasting the crab is tradition. In addition to the sauce and the farofa, which accompany the crustacean, the forró and humor shows take over the tents.

Distance from the main beaches of Fortaleza:

East Coast Beaches

  • Porto das Dunas / Beach Park (19.5 Km)
  • Morro Branco (80 Km)
  • Canoa Quebrada (163 Km)
  • Icapuí (196 Km)
  • Among others

Beaches of the west coast

  • Cumbuco (45 Km)
  • Pecém (58 Km)
  • Taíba (79 Km)
  • Paracuru (99 Km)
  • Lagoinha (115 Km)
  • Flecheiras (148 Km)
  • Icaraí de amontada (205 Km)
  • Preá (291 Km)
  • Jericoacoara (310 Km)

Source: Férias Brasil e Roteiro Ceará


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