The Brazilian Symposium on Databases (SBBD), sponsored annually by the Special Database Commission of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), has brought together since 1986 researchers, students and professionals from Brazil and abroad, who present and discuss topics related to the last advances in the area. Traditionally, SBBD has gathered around 500 participants and is the largest event in Latin America for the presentation and discussion of research results related to the field of database.




  • The first edition of SBBD takes place on April 11 and 12, 1986 at PUC-Rio. “A fundamental objective of the Symposium on Databases is the creation of a forum for the presentation and discussion of research, development and applications in the area of Databases, bringing together researchers and Brazilian professionals interested in the subject.”
  • Organizing committee:
    • Josefino Cabral Melo Lima (PUC-RJ)
    • Luciana Ferraz Thome (PUC-RJ)
    • Maria Helena Braz (PUC-RJ)
    • Rubens Nascimento Melo (PUC-RJ) – Coordinator
  • Program Committee:
    • Antonio Luiz Furtado (PUC-RJ)
    • José Mauro V. Castilho (PUC-RJ)
    • Léo Pini Magalhães (UNICAMP)
    • Rubens Nascimento Melo (PUC-RJ) – Coordinator
    • Sonia Sette (UFPe)
  • Call for papers includes topics in Computer Graphics
  • Invited speakers: Marco A. Casanova (IBM Scientific Center) and Léo Pini Magalhães (Unicamp)


  • Organizing committee:
    • José Mauro V. Castilho (UFRGS) – Coordinator
    • Lia Goldstein Golendznier (UFRGS)
    • Carla Dal Sasse Freitas (UFRGS)
    • José Palazzo M. de Oliveira (UFRGS)
  • Program Committee:
    • José Mauro V. Castilho (UFRGS)
    • Alberto Laender (UFMG)
    • Anatélio Laschuk (UFRGS)
    • Clésio S. dos Santos (UFRGS)
    • Léo P. Magalhães (UNICAMP)
    • Luciana Ferraz Thome (IME)
    • Rosana Lanzelotte (UNICAMP)
    • Rubens M. Melo (PUC-RJ)
    • Sonia Sette (UFPE)
  • Call for papers includes topics in Computer Graphics


  • Project reports are included in the annals


  • Best works published in the Brazilian Journal of Computing


  • First call of tutorials (2 guests, 2 selected)


  • CP includes the first foreign members
  • CP meeting is held by teleconference


  • SBBD starts to take place in the second semester (September)
  • Mini courses are organized for the first time


  • First published edition in partnership with SBES
  • SBBD starts to take place in October


  • The coordination of tutorials is established (Mário Nascimento)
  • José Mauro Volkmer de Castilho Award for the best article is created (Souza & Sampaio, UFPb)
  • Posthumous tribute paid to José Mauro Volkmer de Castilho and Lia Goldstein Golendziner
  • Best article is published on SIGMOD Record


  • The program includes international sessions


  • The Steering Committee is created, formed by Karin Becker (PUC-RS), Marta L. Queirós Mattoso (COPPE / UFRJ), Cláudia Bauzer Medeiros (UNICAMP), Berthier Ribeiro-Neto (UFMG) and Vânia Vidal (UFC)
  • The best article published on SIGMOD Record
  • Articles Included in ACM SIGMOD Disc


  • Tutorials committee is established, headed by Ana Carolina Salgado (UFPE) and formed by Berthier Ribeiro-Neto(UFMG), Carlos Heuser (UFRGS), Cláudia Bauzer Medeiros (UNICAMP), Marcus Sampaio (UFPB), Marina Pires Vieira (UFSCar) and Karin Ribeiro-Neto Becker (PUC-RS), Marta Mattoso (UFRJ), Sérgio Lifschitz (PUC-Rio) and Vânia Vidal (UFC)
  • The best articles are published in JBCS, edition published in partnership with SBES


  • Support from VLDB Endowment and ACM SIGMOD
  • First edition of the Thesis and Dissertations Workshop on Databases (WTDBD).


  • CP expands with strong internationalization
  • Record number of submissions (112)
  • Articles are indexed by DBLP and BDBComp


  • Demos session takes place for the first time, coordinated by Carina Dorneles and Eduardo Kroth
  • Tribute paid to Professor Antonio Furtado


  • The best articles are published in Data & Knowledge Engineering special issue


  • CP coordinated for the first time by a researcher from a foreign institution (Mário Nascimento)
  • The best articles are published in the Journal of Systems and Software special issue, in partnership with SBES


  • Record number of articles in English included in the program (19/24)
  • The best articles are published in Information Systems (Elsevier)
  • First edition of the Poster Session, coordinated by Renata Galante
  • First edition of Women in Databases


  • The Call for articles included two lines: research, and applications and experiences
  • Top articles to be published in Information Systems (Elsevier), published in partnership with SBES
  • Annals are published by the IEEE, through its Conference Publishing Services, with the articles available on IEEE digital libraries (IEEE Xplore, IEEE IEL, CSDL)
  • SBBD annals are available on ACM digital libraryPreviously, they were published in ACM SIGMOD DiSC, which no longer exists


  • SBBD is held in partnership with WebMedia, IHC and SBSC, and for the last time with SBES
  • The best articles are published in the 2nd edition of JIDM – Journal of Information and Data Management, a publication of the SBC Special Database Commission


  • The track format was modified in order to fall into four additional sessions: Core Database Foundations and Technology (Carlos A. Heuser – UFRGS), Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (Caetano Traina – USP-SC), Knowledge Modeling and Management (Ana Carolina Salgado – UFPE), Management of Data and Information (Edleno Moura – UFAM)
  • SBBD 25th anniversary celebration pays tribute to Rubens Melo (1st event coordinator and program committee) and Caetano Traina Jr (SBBD 25th Anniversary Highlights)
  • Accepted papers are published in the October issue of JIDM (Journal of Information and Data Management)
  • The program includes full articles only in English
  • Published edition in partnership among WebMedia, IHC and SBSC


  • Implementation of Minute Madness,  a one-minute presentation for accepted papers as Demos and as Short Paper
  • Submissions of videos for demonstrations are included
  • SBBD Steering Committee members have the period of their terms changed: 2 years for senior members; 3 years for the JIDM editor; and 4 years for the other members


  • Early release of the articles competing for the JMC Award
  • Panel on Education in Databases, coordinated by prof. José M. M. de Oliveira (UFRGS)
  • Published edition in partnership with SBSC


  • SBBD Proceedings return
  • First edition of the Context of Thesis and Dissertations in Databases, coordinated by prof. José M. M. de Oliveira (UFRGS)


  • The tutorial coordinator is no longer the next year’s program committee coordinator, which is now given to the coordinator of short papers


  • Together with BRACIS and KDMile, the first KDD-BR competition is launched
  • Two thematic Workshops were held:
    • SBBD Dataset Showcase
    • Databases meet Bioinformatics
  • Coffee with the honored ones
    • Meeting of the new participants of the event with the honored researcher of the 2017 edition for chatting and experience exchanging purposes, all around a coffee-break table specially set for this conversation
  • SBBD Best Reviewer Award was implemented, which honored the best reviewer of the articles of the Symposium
  • For the first time, a Distinguished Published Papers call was done for the SBBD


  • SBBD took place in Rio during the weekend before the VLDB 2018. It was a pocket format, with no short courses.
  • SBBD Best Student Paper Award was implemented with the goal of giving honor to the best paper presented by a student. The paper “PrivLBS: uma Abordagem para Preservação de Privacidade de Dados em Serviços Baseados em Localização”, by Eduardo R.D. Neto, André L.C. Mendonça, Felipe T. Brito and Javam C. Machado was the winner of this first edition award.