Registration Fees


Até 20/set / Until Sep 20thAté 2/out / Until Oct 2nd
Estudante Graduação / Undergraduate Student
Membro SBC/SBC memberR$ 10,00R$ 20,00
Não membro SBC/Non SBC member (registration + SBC membership)R$ 32,00R$ 42,00
Não membro SBC/Non SBC member R$ 33,00R$ 44,00
Estudante de pós-graduação / Graduate Student
Membro SBC/SBC memberR$ 20,00R$ 30,00
Não membro SBC/Non SBC member (registration + SBC membership)R$ 111,00R$ 121,00
Não membro SBC/ Non SBC member R$ 113,00R$ 124,00
Profissionais em geral / Professionals and others
Membro SBC/SBC memberR$ 50,00R$ 60,00
Não membro SBC/Non SBC member (registration + SBC membership)R$ 310,00R$ 320,00
Não membro SBC/Non SBC member R$ 315,00R$ 326,00

Minicursos (cada)  /  Short-course (each)
Estudante graduação/Undergraduate StudentR$ 10,00R$ 15,00
Estudante pós-graduação/Graduate StudentR$ 15,00R$ 20,00
Profissionais em geral/Professional and othersR$ 20,00R$ 30,00

Autores / AuthorsAdicional à inscrição no SBBD / Additional to SBBD registrationR$ 50,00R$ 60,00

General Information

SBBD2020 registration includes online participation in:

  • all technical sessions;
  • both keynote speakers presentations;
  • all three tutorials;
  • WTDBD sessions;
  • Demos sessions;
  • CEBD (SBC database committee) open meeting.

All registered participants will receive a SBBD2020 certificate.

If you need a registration receipt before the event date, you can send an email to asking for the receipt. Please provide in your email all personal information (name, address, and passport number) and your institute information (name and address).

The final date for payment by debit card and bank slip is September 23rd.
Pagamento por boleto bancário ou cartão de débito até 23 de setembro.

If you need help, please send an email to the SBBD2020 general chair.
Se precisar de ajuda, por favor envie um email para o coordenador geral do SBBD2020.

Important: SBBD2020 accepts only a limited number of registrations due to the online-only operation mode.

For Authors

At least one author (any category), for each accepted paper (full, short, demos, and WTDBD), must register and pay the extra publication fee. The authors must register before September 20th (SBBD) to confirm their acceptance for presentation and proceedings publication.

Short Courses

In order to register for a short course, you must be registered for SBBD2020 too. For each short course, there is an individual fee and additional certificates.

Observations for students / Observações para estudantes

Student fees are available only for students who are enrolled in a higher education institution as undergraduate (aluno de graduação, in Portuguese) or graduate students (Ph.D or Master). Proof of student status containing affiliation, attendee’s name, enrollment course, and current date must be shown upon request. Failure to present such a proof document will imply paying the difference for Professional registration category (with no discount). The Student fee does not apply to post docs.

Tarifas de estudante estão disponíveis apenas para estudantes matriculados em instituições de ensino superior como aluno de graduação ou de pós-graduação (mestrandos e doutorandos). Declarações de status contendo nome da instituição, nome do aluno, curso matriculado e data corrente devem ser apresentados quando requisitado. A ausência de documento implicará no pagamento da diferença da tarifa profissional para a tarifa de estudante (sem desconto). A tarifa para estudante não se aplica a posdocs.

Cancellation policy

The deadline for the registration refund request is September 27th. In this case, the participant must send an email to and to the SBBD2020 general chair. The reimbursement will be of 80% of the value paid (the remaining will cover the administrative costs of registration). No cancellation for Author registration will be accepted after September 21st.

Additional observations

SBBD2020 will be available by streaming for free! However, no interaction with presenters will be allowed and there will be no certificates in this case.