Mike Carey

AsterixDB: A Counter but Intuitive Approach to Big Data Management

We are living in the Big Data era, and we are witnessing a shift in the role of data management system: Rather than “just” being the systems of record at the heart of traditional enterprises, modern Big Data management systems must model, capture, track, and react to the current state of the world. Doing so requires the ingestion of event data, arriving from a variety of devices, as well as enabling query access to the history of captured data over time. These requirements span a variety of scientific disciplines, including the handling of data produced by a variety sensors in health care, environmental monitoring applications, traffic monitoring, dynamic social network data, and many other domains.


Michael J. Carey is a Bren Professor of Information and Computer Sciences at UC Irvine. Before joining UCI in 2008, Carey worked at BEA Systems for seven years and led the development of BEA’s AquaLogic Data Services Platform product for virtual data integration. He also spent a dozen years teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, five years at the IBM Almaden Research Center working on object-relational databases, and a year and a half at e-commerce platform startup Propel Software during the infamous 2000-2001 Internet bubble. Carey is an ACM Fellow, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and a recipient of the ACM SIGMOD E.F. Codd Innovations Award. His current interests all center around data-intensive computing and scalable data management (a.k.a. Big Data).

URL: https://www.ics.uci.edu/~mjcarey/