Ana Maria Moura

Towards a Web of Semantically Integrated Data

The Semantic Web such as envisaged by Tim Berners Lee in the early years of this century foresaw a universal medium to exchange data, where resources could be published and interconnected with others, providing interoperation between users and machines, in order to facilitate their computational tasks. Since then a flood of semantic technologies have been created, revolutionizing the way to store, access, and communicate digital information. Among these, Linked Data (LD) emerged as an innovative technology for realizing the Semantic Webvision of making the Web a global, distributed, semantics-based information system. Despite being a powerful strategy to link data resources, these links are not always created adequately, i.e., frequently they are not semantically associated with other resources, hindering the interoperability between them. In order to minimize this problem, some LD technologies have been recently developed. This presentation aims to give an evolutionary overview of the state of the art, focusing on the main Semantic Web technologies that have been responsible for: (i) describing data semantically enriched; (ii) linking resources on the Web of data according to their semantic meaning; and (iii) providing the efficient consumption of these resources. In this context, I will show the main works I have been carrying out in the domain for these last 15 years.


Ana Maria de C. Moura is a research collaborator at Extreme Data Laboratory (DEXL) at LNCC, where she has been working for 5 years on applying semantic technologies to improve database integration, data retrieval and data publishing. Graduated on Computer Science from the UTC-Université de Technologie de Compiègne (Compiègne, France) in 1984, andM.Sc in Computer Science, COPPE/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) 1979, she worked for more than 20 years as professor and coordinator of the Database research area at the Computing Engineering Department of IME-Military Institute of Engineering, Rio de Janeiro, where she still contributes as collaborator professor. More than 50 advised Master theses concluded and more than 190 national and international publications. Her main domain interests are: databases, semantic data integration, conceptual modeling, metadata management,ontologies, linked open data.