Alin Deutsch

Querying Graph Databases with the GSQL Query Language

This talk presents GSQL, a recent addition to the spectrum of query languages for expressing graph analytics. GSQL is a high-level yet still Turing-complete language whose syntax is inspired by SQL in order to reduce the learning curve for SQL programmers, while simultaneously supporting a Map-Reduce interpretation that is preferred by NoSQL developers and that is conducive to massively parallel evaluation. The talk will also provide some context on the graph query language landscape represented in modern systems.


Alin Deutsch is a professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego. His research is motivated by the data management challenges raised by database-powered applications. Alin’s interests include query language design and optimization for various data models ranging from text to the relational and post-relational models (with particular emphasis on graph data). He also works on cross-model data integration and on automatic verification of business processes. Alin earned his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, an MSc degree from the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) and a BSc degree from the Polytechnic University Bucharest (Romania). He is the recipient of the 2018 ACM PODS Test of Time Award, a Jean D’Alembert Fellowship from the University Paris-Saclay, the Alfred P.Sloan Fellowship, the ACM SIGMOD 2006 Top-3 Best Paper Award, and an NSF CAREER award.