Please check below the list of distinguished papers accepted for SBBD 2020. Papers are presented in no special order:

“A brief survey on replica consistency in cloud environments”, Journal of Internet Services and Applications vol. 11, Article number 1, 2020Robson A. Campelo (UFMG), Marco A. Casanova (PUC-Rio), Dorgival O. Guedes (UFMG), Alberto H. F. Laender (UFMG)
“OpinionLink: Leveraging User Opinions for Product Catalog Enrichment”, Information Processing and Management (Elsevier) Vol 56, pp 823-843, 2019Tiago de Melo (UFAM, UEA, Brazil), Altigran S. da Silva (UFAM) – Brazil, Edleno S. de Moura (UFAM) – Brazil, Pável Caladoc (INESC – Portugal)
“Modeling and Building IoT Data Platforms with Actor-Oriented Databases”, Proceedings of Extending Database Technology (EDBT), pp 512-523, 2019Yiwen Wang – University of Copenhagen (DIKU), Denmark, Júlio César dos Reis – University of Campinas (UNICAMP) – Brazil, Kasper Myrtue Borggren (SenMoS) – Denmark, Marcos Antonio Vaz Salles (DIKU) – Norway, Claudia Bauzer Medeiros (UNICAMP) – Brazil, Yongluan Zhou (DIKU) – Norway
“Discovery of Approximate (and Exact) Denial Constraints”, PVLDB 13(3), pp 266-278, 2019Eduardo Pena (UTFPR) – Brazil, Eduardo C. Almeida (UFPR) – Brazil, Felix Nauman (Hasso Plattner Institute, Univ. Potsdam) – Germany
“Database Processing-in-Memory: An Experimental Study”, PVLDB 13(13), pp 334-347, 2019Tiago Kepe (UFPR, IFPR) – Brazil, Eduardo C. Almeida (UFPR) – Brazil, Marco Alves (UFPR) – Brazil