Agma Traina

Agma Traina USP São Carlos

Content-based Similarity Queries on Complex Data – Challenges and Real Applications (2016)

Divyakant Agrawal

Divyakant Agrawal University of California at Santa Barbara, EUA

Minimizing Transaction Latency in Geo-replicated Data Stores (2016)

Divesh Srivastava

Divesh Srivastava AT&T Labs

The Confounding Problem of Private Data Release (2016)

Ana Maria Moura

Ana Maria Moura LNCC

Towards a Web of Semantically Integrated Data (2015)

Pablo Barceló

Pablo Barceló Universidade do Chile

Query Languages for Graph Databases: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice (2015)

Mike Carey

Mike Carey University of California at Irvine

AsterixDB: A Counter but Intuitive Approach to Big Data Management (2015)

Juliana Freire

Juliana Freire New York University, EUA

Exploring Big Urban Data (2014)

Gerhard Weikum

Gerhard Weikum Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany

Big Text: from Language to Knowledge (2014)

Sandra de Amo

Sandra de Amo Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

Preference Mining for Personalization and Recommendation (2014)

Johannes Gehrke

Johannes Gehrke Cornell University, EUA

Data Management Challenges for Social Applications (2013)

H. V. Jagadish

H. V. Jagadish University of Michigan, EUA

Challenges and Opportunities with Big Data (2013)

Wagner Meira Jr.

Wagner Meira Jr. Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Mineração de dados: modelos, algoritmos, sistemas e aplicações (2013)

C Mohan

C Mohan IBM Almaden Research Center

Implications of Storage Class Memories (SCMs) on Software Architectures (2011)

Ana Carolina Salgado

Ana Carolina Salgado Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

Contextualizando Dados (2011)

Mario Nascimento

Mario Nascimento University of Alberta, Canada

Networks? Hi, My Name is Databases, I have a Business Proposition For You… (2010)

Gautam Das

Gautam Das University of Texas at Arlington, EUA


Christos Faloutsos

Christos Faloutsos Carnegie Mellon University, EUA


Serge Miranda

Serge Miranda