The symposium will be held in the Windsor Barra Hotel. SBBD will be at the 2nd floor

2.630 Lúcio Costa Ave.
Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, 22620-172, Brazil [map]


Opening hours: 7am. At the Secretariat, participants will be able to retrieve the symposium kit. It will be possible to make on-site registration, but only credit/debit cards will be accepted. We suggest you register on-line.

Rio de Janeiro has two airports: Santos Dumont (SDU) and Galeão-Antônio Carlos Jobim (GIG). SDU is located 25km from the symposium location and is a national airport. GIG is located 40km from the symposium location and is an international airport serving the Rio de Janeiro region, and has connections with more than 25 scheduled destinations, mostly in North America, Latin America and Europe. Transportation services (taxis, buses, BRT) provide desks at the arrival luggage claim area.

International participants can exchange currencies at exchange desks at the International Galeão-Antônio Carlos Jobim airport. Desks are located next to the Luggage claim/international arrival. It is also possible to change money at the hotel or at exchange offices authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil. If you have any questions during the symposium, feel free to ask for information with the organization of the event, for the most reliable way to exchange your money.

Brazil uses type N power sockets, which is compatible with type C plugs. The standard voltage is 127 / 220 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz. The Symposium Organization will not offer power socket adapters during the event.


Rio de Janeiro is a nice city and it has many attractive features. Rio de Janeiro is safe to visit, but we recommend cautions to the visitor.

1. take with you the address of the venue and the hotel where you will be staying.
2. preferably use the transport provided by the official tourism agency or accredited from the airport.
3. put your money, passport and ticket in the safe deposit box of your hotel.
4. take cabs rather than buses.
5. ask your hotel for information. They know most of the answers.
6. wear comfortable clothing.
7. eat light meals and drink water.
8. invite a friend to join you. Avoid walking alone.
9. act like a traveler rather than a tourist.
10. ask policemen for help if you need it.
11. use our emergency number(#190) if you have any problem avoid crushes.
12. have a good time.

1. leave your bag unattended.
2. don’t keep your wallet in the back pocket or in the external pocket of a bag.
3. leave your cell phone or other valuables away from your sight.
4. leave electronic equipment visible when you are on the street.
5. wear flashy jewelry in the street, even if it is fake.
6. make payments with large amounts of money.
7. take more than you need to the beach.
8. walk in unlit areas at night.
9. think it can’t happen to you.