When it comes to international events, Rio de Janeiro has attained world standards. The city has become an attractive meeting place for international congresses, conferences, exhibitions and trade shows. It is one of the best destinations in South America.


Food is a treasured part of carioca (resident of Rio de Janeiro) life. First, you need to have a churrascaria experience, which is generally offered as a set menu that includes a selection of side dishes and salads – and char-grilled, all-you-can-eat, meat. Feijoada is stewed beans with crunchy pork cracklings, accompanied by rice, farofa (toasted cassava flour) and orange slices. Rio de Janeiro also offers street and beach food, including salgados (savory snacks), tapiocas, empadas (pastries filled with chicken or cheese) and açaí.

Rio de Janeiro has spectacular natural beauties and famous charms. You can’t pass up relaxing and people-watching along the shores of Barra, Copacabana or Ipanema, but there’s more to Rio de Janeiro than its beaches.

Sugar Loaf needs no introduction: nothing can prepare you for the spectacular views and the true splendor of Rio’s cityscape as it unfurls below with sweeping vistas of white sand beaches, jungle-clad mountains and crashing waves will take your breath away. Right at the foot of Sugar Loaf mountain, there is Praia Vermelha, a small curve of coarse sand which provides a stunning mountain-and-ocean backdrop and calm waters that are occasionally clean enough for swimming.

The artistic heart of the city can be found up in the jungle-clad hills of Santa Teresa. Be sure to set aside time in your schedule to visit this unique, grand-scale artwork in downtown – Escadaria Selaron (often referred to as the ‘Lapa Steps’) is a long, steep stairwell linking the bohemian neighborhoods of Lapa and Santa Teresa, covered in brightly-hued and intricately-patterned tiles from across the world.

Also in downtown, there is the Olympic Boulevard: a five-million square meters revitalized space right at the city centre. It has several places to visit, including the Museum of Tomorrow, The Rio Art Museum, the Rio Sea Aquarium, the Valongo Suspended Garden, several Cultural Centers (da Aeronáutica, do Banco do Brasil, dos Correios, Iphan, José Bonifácio, da Marinha, do Ministério da Saúde e Casa França-Brasil) and many other attractions that will make you astounded.

No trip to Rio would be complete without a trip to see “Cristo Redentor”. It stands tall atop Corcovado and it is listed as one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World. The best way to make the ascent is to ride the funicular railway, enjoying the view.