The registration system (ECOS/SBC) will be available soon!

Please read the FAQ about the SBC Combo (registration + SBC membership) (in Portuguese).


The registration in the event includes:

  • Access to all technical sections (including Workshops);
  • International talks;
  • Tutorials;
  • Participant materials;
  • Event proceedings with the published papers;
  • Coffee-breaks.

If you need a registration receipt before the event date, you can send an email to asking for the receipt. In the email, you have to provide your personal information (name, address and passport number) and yours institute information (name and address).

SBBD/KDMiLe registration also gives access to the invited talks of the co-alocated event BRACIS.

SBBD/KDMiLe + BRACIS registration (PROFESSIONAL) gives access to all SBBD/KDMiLe and BRACIS activities (BRACIS+STIL+ENIAC+SBBD+KDMiLe). The authors that have papers on both SBBD/KDMiLe and BRACIS may register in this category.

If you need help, please send an email to .


The conference dinner will be in the evening of the October 4th (Wednesday) and it is not included in the registration fee. More information will be available soon!


At least one author of each accepted paper must register in the event. The registration must be done until September 4th in order to appear in the event proceedings.


In order to register in a short course, you have to register in the event. For each short course, there is an individual fee. The undergraduate student registration fee already includes one short course (undergraduate students may register in a second short course). Please check the list of short courses here!


Undergraduate students: Registration has a discount of 1 short-course. Thus, to participate in 1 short-course, the undergraduate student must enroll in the event and not request the short-course. After payment, the student must send an email to with subject “SBBD 2017 free short-course” and inform the free short-course included in the registration (subject to availability). To participate in 2 short-courses, the student must enroll in the event and add 1 short-course, and send email to inform the free short-course.

Estudante de graduação: inscrição tem desconto de 1 mini-curso. Assim, para participar de 1 mini-curso, o estudante de graduação deve se inscrever no evento e não solicitar mini-curso. Após o pagamento, deve enviar email para com assunto “SBBD 2017 free short-course” e informar o mini-curso gratuíto incluido na inscrição (sujeito à disponibilidade de vagas).  Para participar de 2 mini-cursos, o estudante deve se inscrever no evento e adicionar 1 mini-curso, e enviar email para informar o mini-curso gratuíto.

Students must send a document attesting they are students to the email with subject “SBBD 2017 Student status” in order to get the discount. The documents must arrive within the fee period (up to 21/AUG for early registration, up to 18/SEPT for regular registration or up to 25/SEPT for late registrations). Additionally, students that choose the Combo (registration + SBC membership) must send the proof of student status to the email with the subject “SBBD 2017” to

Estudantes devem enviar um documento de comprovação estudantil para o email com assunto “SBBD 2017 Student status” para ter o desconto. O documento deve chegar até o final do período de registro da tarifa (até 21/AUG para registro antecipado, até 18/SEPT para registro regular ou até 25/SEPT para registro tardio). Adicionalmente, estudantes que escolherem o Combo (registro + Associação SBC) devem enviar o documento para o email com o assunto “SBBD 2017”.

There is a very limited number of registrations for undergraduate students. Therefore, you have to register as soon as possible in order to guarantee your registration!

Há um número muito limitado de inscrições para alunos de graduação. Assim, registre-se o quanto antes para garantir sua inscrição!

Student fees are available only for students who are enrolled in a higher education institution as undergraduate (aluno de graduação, in Portuguese) or graduate students (Ph.D or Master). Proof of student status containing affiliation, attendee’s name, enrollment course, and current date must be shown upon request. Failure to present such a proof document will imply paying the difference for Professional registration category (with no discount). The Student fee does not apply to post docs.

Tarifas de estudante estão disponíveis apenas para estudantes matriculados em instituições de ensino superior como aluno de graduação ou de pós-graduação (mestrandos e doutorandos). Declarações de status contendo nome da instituição, nome do aluno, curso matriculado e data corrente devem ser apresentados quando requisitado. A ausência de documento implicará no pagamento da diferença da tarifa profissional para a tarifa de estudante (sem desconto). A tarifa para estudante não se aplica a posdocs.


The deadline for the registration refund request is September 23rd, 2017. In this case, the participant must send an email to and to The reimbursement will be of 80% of the value paid (the remaining will cover the administrative costs of registration). No cancellation for Author registration will be accepted after September 4th, 2017 as the conference proceedings will be finalized.


The number of registrations for the event is limited. After the limit, no more registrations will be accepted.

Lunch is not included in the registration. There are several options for lunch near the event site.